Grégory Cuyle
Developer - Tech. Enthusiast


Grégory Cuyle, 30 years, I love to learn about all kinds of technologies !


2013 @HELHa & Infrabel Internship

I learned app developement during my Bachelor degree in Computer Science, HELHa.

In 2013, I did an internship at Infrabel Brussels, using object oriented PHP5, MySQL, Oracle databases and some jQuery for the front-end part.

My mission was to make a user fiendly universal DB editor for the employees. The app was also capable to export data in pdf and csv files.

2020 @HELHa

Finishing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science 2019 - 2020

2IG : Arrow JS


2018 Mobile developer @Technofutur

In the search to always improve my programming skills and to learn new standards, I've made a 6 month training inside Technofutur TIC based in Gosselies Aeropole.

From june to november, this cursus "Multiplateform Mobile Developer", helped me a lot to improve my skills and knowledges ( Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, Node.js, C#, Web API REST, ... ).

2018 Developer @Hackinthewoods

I was part of the first Hackinthewoods edition (2018/08). Link here.

Hackinthewoods is a Hackathon in the heart of nature, organised by Microsoft Innovation Center Belgium.



2015-2017 @Belgium Telecom

Sales, Why not ?

In 2015, I made a challenge to myself and I became a Sales Representative for Belgium Telecom (Uccle - Brussels).

I worked at this position for 2 years and I am really proud of my first professional experience.

2019 @Ftm Nutri Services

6 months as an Administrative Back-office employee for FTM - Nutri Services, a wholesaler and agent for the retail market.


My Son !

I love walks in nature


Music festivals with friends

Passionate about science and new technologies, I always learn about new things

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