Grégory Cuyle
Mobile & Web Developer - Tech. Enthusiast


Grégory Cuyle, 28 years, I love to learn about past and news technologies. I'm also passionate about nature, but you can discover that in my Passions section.

Studies and First Job


I learned Web Developement and traditional pc app developement during my Bachelor degree in Computer Science, HELHa.

My end of year internship was done at Infrabel Brussels, using object oriented PHP5, MySql, Oracle databases and some jquery for the front-end part. My job was to make a user fiendly universal DB editor for the employees. ( live demo under construction )

First job

In 2015, I made a challenge to myself. I wanted to discover new things and become a Sales Representative. After a short but effective training, I found my first job within Belgium Telecom, a Telecommunication Company Based in Uccle. I worked at this position for 2 years, I am really happy to have had a first professional experience, but I knew that selling was not really my passion.


My first job was very rewarding, but I wish to return to my first love : App Developement !

In the search to always improve my programming skills and to learn new standards, I've made a 6 month training inside Technofutur TIC based in Gosselies Aeropole.

From june to november, this cursus "Multiplateform Mobile Developer", helped me a lot to improve my skills and knowledges ( Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic , Node.js, C#, Web REST API ... ).

My personal project was based on 2 apps. The server app is a web rest api developed in C# .net. It provided data for the client app. Client app, an app to discover bars in Belgium, is developed in Ionic/cordova and is capable to run in web, iOS or Android environement.

img technofutur


Open for developer work.


I love nature and animals, espacialy my little Cat "Yasu"


I enjoy meeting new poeple

Music Festivals with friends

Passionate about science and new technologies, I always learn about new things.

Series, Mangas and Movies lover.

I really like sciene fiction and Space Opera.

Curriculum Vitae